Saturday, 16 October 2010


heyya. glad if you want to read this. 'cause i mad it by my self. enjoy ! ;)

boy: hey
girl: hey, what's up?
boy: i saw you last night.
girl: ohyeah? but i didn't go anywhere last night. it's not me
boy: yeah, it's not you. but it means i'm thinkin' of you.
girl: why do you bring me here?
boy: hmm, you don't like this place?
girl : no, it just so cold here. i need a jacket.
boy: you don't need a jacket. you need me.
*boy hug the girl*
girl: i wanna talk with you.
boy: what's it?
girl: hmm, listen. maybe i start to love you. i kno it's too fast. but i don't know why.
boy: i love somone's okay.who is her?
boy: she is a beautiful girl, cheerful, amazing. she always smile at me. and sometimes she tells me some jokes. she always laugh with everything i said.and she's just tells me a fool words. she tells me that she loves me.and sh is confused now. 'cause she's listening to me now. litening about the girl who i love, listening about the girl who i care. and you know? she's beside me now.
girl: sorry?
boy: she's you.
boy: why you always cryin'?
girl: it hurts.
boy: listen. sometimes, if you think the worst is you have a broken heart. so look at yourself. the worst is if you break your smile.
girl: why the boys always sing a song for the girls?
boy: hmm, maybe the he wants the girl loves him.
girl: and why the boys always make a good words to make the girl start to fly?
boy: hmm, maybe he wants the girl to know about his feel.
girl: and why the boys always sayin' promises?
boy: hmm, maybe h wants the girl to believes him. so.. why you ask me?
girl: no, just want to know.
boy: listen to me. i can't sing a song for you. and i don't have a good words to make you fly, and i won't sayin' promises to you. i just can tell you 3 words. and i just have love. and i won't sayin' promises to you, because i swear, i swear and i swear that 3 words mean i love you.

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